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10n10: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 10% in 2010!


Whatís the next thing thatís going to kill us?
- Chris Hadfield (Canadian astronaut)

As time permits, I am going to revisit this website, but with a new perspective. After 5 years, the situation regarding climate change has gone in the wrong direction, and appears to be accelerating. I despair for the future of our species, and the species we are already eradicating from the planet now.

We have no idea how dependent we are upon having a stable environment to sustain our population on this planet. We have no experience as a species with a climate which moves outside 'normal' patterns; the patterns and thresholds where we have evolved over the millennia. We have small-minded leaders who say we cannot afford to curb our behaviours which are fuelling climate change - without considering the probable consequences of continuing on the current path. That is not just poor policy-making; it is certainly incompetence of the highest order, and may well constitute crimes against humanity when we come to grasp the enormity of the consequences.

Those who argue the economy must trump the environment miss the most important, fundamental point in the discussion: without 'the environment', there is no economy, no civilization, no humans. No humans. That is not intended to be a hyperbolic statement, but to start a discussion about the probability of this event as a consequence of catastrophic climate change already in motion, and what, if anything, we will choose to do about it.

I propose to make this argument in several steps:
Is Climate Change Really Happening?
What if it is Not Happening, and we Make an Effort to Mitigate it?
Why is it my Problem?
What Can I - One Person - Do About it Anyway?

Stay tuned. It's going to be an interesting ride.

Original site launch text - 2010.01.01

I have been following the climate change debate for some years now, and both from personal experience over the past 40 years, and reading on the subject, I am convinced that something is up with the weather, and our climate. I've grown fond of the relative climate stability over the past 10 millennia or so, and I think it would be best for the survival of the human species if we tried to maintain it into the future.

Unfortunately, given the inaction achieved by COP15 in Copenhagen last month, it seems clear that my government is not representing my view or interests in the matter.

My New Year's Resolution for 2010 is to reduce my greenhouse gas emissions by 10%.

I have been working on this for some years now, so an additional 10% may not be as easy for me as it might be for others. Still, I intend to do it.

I recognize that my efforts for one year won't solve the problem. I don't intend to stop at the end of the year. If a lot of other people join me, then together, we can make a noticeable difference.

Here's my objective for this Web site: to provide others with a source of information so they can also reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 10% in 2010. I hope to make this as painless as possible for most, as few of us are interested in reducing our quality of life. Most days, I hope to provide a daily tip, some useful information, motivation or inspiration. It's taken me a few days to get the domain and set up the site structure and landing page, so I'm already behind. Not to worry, I'll catch it up shortly.

This site will focus primarily on the Canadian perspective, but I expect the information presented will be of value elsewhere.

I am not the repository of all relevant information, so assistance from others will always be welcome. Just send it along.

Here's to a prosperous, rewarding and lower emissions 2010!

Darryl McMahon

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