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Catastrophic Climate Change: Election 2019 - a message to voters - especially those under 30 years of age

Climate Change is the defining issue of our time.
Will you take 20 minutes out of your life to act?

I waited until I saw the Speech from the Throne before coming back to this.
Apparently we voted for Fry!

As I heard it, as a nation, we're just going to talk about climate change response until 2050, but no real commitments to actually making the necessary changes. But we are going to build ALL the carbon fuel pipelines to move bitumen and natural gas from Alberta and Saskatchewan to 'world markets'. Sorry, Burrard Inlet, but apparently you're expendable. No mention of actually reducing oil industry subsidies, as committed in 2009. And apparently our federal government is just going to cave in to the Scheer, Kenney and Moe slapstick tantrums at every opportunity.

So, just like it has been since 2015, it's up to individual Canadians to take the necessary actions to save our species. I had hoped the need for this website was going to come to an end about now, but that's not the case.

Vote OR Fry!

It's that brutally simple.

For the past few decades, our elected 'leaders' have fallen all over themselves to please the foreign-owned and controlled fossil fuel industry in all ways possible (massive subsidies; tax holidays; ridiculously low royalties; no liability funds required to clean up abandoned wells or spills; here - let us buy you a pipeline ...). The result is a warming planet which will not be survivable for humans within a century if we keep going the way we have for the past century.

If the UN IPCC is correct, we have about 10 years to complete - NOT start - complete the turnaround. The UN IPCC has an unblemished track record for being optimistic in their projections. So, I'm guessing we actually have about 5 years to make the transition to a massive reduction in our GHG emissions and waste heat generation globally. That means this election is the make or break for Canada's path forward.

If either of the 2 major political parties in Canada today form a majority government on October 21st, we're done for. Both of them have proved time and again they will sell out Canadian citizens for the benefit of the oil and gas industry in a heartbeat.

I'm old enough that I'm going to die of something other than climate change. Are you?

By all means, engage in the current political / media circus, and do read the platforms of the various parties, especially what they have to say about responding to climate change.

But above all, on October 21st or at an advance poll or at the returning office for your riding, go out and vote for your future. Or fry in the years to come. But know this: this is your chance to make a difference for your future benefit.

Not vote? To quote Greta Thunberg at the UN on September 23, 2019, "How dare you?" (video at The Guardian)

Here's an easy first step you can do from your mobile device: check to see if you are registered to vote.

Elections Canada - Voter Registration (check to see if you are registered to vote in the upcoming federal election).

Now, let's see if you're ready to vote on Monday, October 21st.

Are you eligible to vote?
Are you a Canadian citizen, and will you be at least 18 years old on Monday October 21st, and have acceptable ID?

Do you know where to vote (your polling station)?
If you received your Voter Identification Card, your polling station is listed on it.
If you did not, you can find your polling station on the Elections Canada website.

Have you researched your candidates and party platforms regarding climate change? If not, [dead link: https://election2019envirosurvey.ca/summary/] this might help.

Have you made a voting plan and blocked time in your calendar?

Go do it! It's your future, and the next 4 years are going to be key to how we address climate change. Canada can't do it alone, but it can be a leader.

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